Her words were cut short when he spun her around and pulled her to his chest, his gaze raking over her face. It was raw and primal, and no one had ever looked at her like that before. She grew dizzy in his embrace and clutched at his arms, fighting to breathe. With every exhale, her chest pressed up against his and her nipples tightened.

She couldn’t remember what she was going to say.

Leave. That’s right. I was leaving.

“Tony . . .” But she couldn’t force the words out, and she certainly couldn’t force the action. Her feet were rooted to the ground.

With a guttural growl and a whispered, “Fuck it,” he pressed his mouth to hers. Her eyes widened for a moment before closing, and she gave in to the sensation.

His lips worked over hers, strong yet soft. Possessive.

His hand pressed against the small of her back, bringing her body even tighter against his. Her body went into autopilot, and her arms tightened around his neck.

She let out a little sigh and in doing so, parted her lips. Tony used the opening to caress her tongue with his.

Someone moaned. Was it her? Him? She had no idea. The heat they were producing was combustible and she was losing herself in it.

This. This was what she’d never had and always wanted—passion.

“Ginny,” Tony whispered against her mouth. “We should have done this ages ago.”

Yes, they should have. Ages ago. Why hadn’t they? Because—

Her eyes flew open as her sensibilities returned.

“No,” she whispered, then disentangled herself from him. She stepped back several steps and sucked in deep breaths. When Tony moved toward her with his hand out, she put up a hand to ward him off. “No,” she said more forcefully this time. “This can’t happen.”

His expression was pained again, and it cut her to the core that she caused that. “Ginny—”

“Do yourself a favor and stay away from me,” she choked out. Then she fled, leaving him behind and taking with her the knowledge that she’d regret this forever.

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