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Layla Nichols doesn’t need anyone, especially a man. She’s content to spend her time building up her social media business so she can take it full time after graduation. First though, she has to survive her half-sister’s wedding. Just once she’d like to hold her own with her wicked stepmother and walk away not feeling like the red-headed stepchild. Step one—find a suitable date. Enter Justin Olmsted, the friend who’s stuck by her for years. He fits the job description: they’ll have fun, he’s cool with pretending to be in love with her, and he’s hot enough to shut up her stepmom.

Justin had a great run as a linebacker for VVU, and now he’s desperate to get a foot in the door—any door—of a college coaching staff. That’s easier said than done, but that’s not the only thing on his college bucket list. He’s had a thing for his friend Layla since they met four years ago, and he’s tired of waiting on the sidelines for the right moment.

This wedding is Justin’s chance to sweep Layla off her feet. It’s time to convince her that leaving the friend zone is worth the risk.

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