10 Random Thoughts and Takeaways from #RWA17

I just returned from the annual RWA conference, which concluded yesterday. As an extreme introvert, I’ll need at least a week to recover. However, I can easily say (like I do every year) it was the highlight of my year. I absolutely love this conference.

Here’s my ten random thoughts and takeaways from this year.

1. If you ever stay at Disney World’s Dolphin resort, get a burrito from the Picabu restaurant. They are AH-mazing! (Yes, two pictures because I had it twice. It was that good.)

2. Facebook banners are clickable. Who knew? Apparently not me.

3. My nerd crush on Data Guy is alive and well. (For those of you not in the know, he runs

4. Cristin Harber is super sweet in person. (And super tiny. I don’t know how she fits so much enthusiasm and pep in that small body.)

5. Apparently I am a famous author. (Photo courtesy of fellow Bookshots author Elizabeth Hayley)

6. Here’s a big one—you never know what goes on behind another author’s scenes. It may seem like she has everything going for her, but remember that unless you are in her inner circle, you only see her public persona. (I already knew this, but it still helps to hear it from more successful authors who seem to have everything going for them.)

7. Sleep is NOT overrated. It’s so important to take time to take care of yourself at events like these. Did I miss some things while I rested? Yes. Do I regret it? No. When a girl needs to sleep, a girl needs to sleep.

8. I have it on good authority that Sam Heughan from Outlander smells insanely good. “Delightful” is the exact description.

9. “You do you.” – Jeffe Kennedy’s RITA acceptance speech. This is another one that I’d heard before, but sometimes it takes hearing something at the exact right time for it to sink in.

10. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. The publishing industry has kicked my butt more than once, but no matter how many times I get knocked down or bowled over, I keep getting back up. RWA is my tribe and I’m so happy to have found it.

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