Secrets don’t stay buried forever.

Sophie wants nothing more than for her life to get back to normal. Or a new normal, anyway. But the secrets aren’t done unraveling and the more Sophie learns, the more she realizes that her knowledge only scratches the surface. Even as she continues to delve further into the past, she can’t help wondering if the price for her knowledge is too great…

Meanwhile, her estranged mother, Carly, is wreaking havoc, dealing her own form of justice, and her friends Lena and Aidan are wrestling with their own personal demons. Trouble is brewing in the elemental community, pitting the strong against the weak. Everything is going to hell, and Sophie feels powerless to stop it.

But when Carly’s reckless actions fracture the core of the elemental world in a way that it can never be fixed, Sophie must decide who she is and what she stands for.

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