One Last Kiss

First rule of bro code—don’t date your best friend’s sister.

I owe everything to my best friend and his family. Thanks to them taking me in as a teenager, I stayed on the straight and narrow. They’re the reason I ended up a cop instead of behind bars like my old man. That’s why I would never make a move on Carmen Ramsey, no matter how smart and sexy she is.

I would always protect her from a womanizing jerk, though. That’s the only reason I open my big mouth and spout the lie that we’re together. Now I’m off to Raleigh with Carmen, posing as her boyfriend as she competes in The Great American Bake-off. Except faking it with her brings all the walls I’ve built between us crumbling down. Having only one bed leads to one hot night, and all of the boundaries between us disappear. 

But being with Carmen risks the only family I’ve ever known, and I’m just not sure I’m a good enough man to be worthy of the future she sees for us.

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