In the Pocket

Fame, fortune, and paparazzi? No, thank you. Been there, done that.


All former child star Katie Sullivan wants is to live a normal life. She’s spent years burying her past, and she’ll do anything to keep it that way. Then one too many drinks combined with a dare has her asking out Wyatt Archer. Unfortunately, he’s anything but low-profile, and she’s not about to give up her anonymity for some guy.


Except Wyatt Archer isn’t just some guy.

He’s the best college quarterback in the country, and he loves everything that comes along with it– like winning a national championship and having no shortage of girls. It’s never bothered him that the main thing they’re interested in is his potential to make it big.


Until now.


Katie’s different. Instead of basking in Wyatt’s spotlight, she runs from it, which only makes him want her more. Good thing he never walks away from a challenge, even if it means risking his heart.

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